Katch was a frictionless app that enabled broadcasters to save their live mobile videos with a simple hashtag.
The homepage featured daily trending videos and hand-selected curated picks. Every week I sent out a newsletter to all our users and subscribers with videos that I curated, sometimes around a theme. This helped our users discover new and interesting content.

Our team developed a suite of tools that enabled broadcasters to save and share their videos to various social media platforms, embed their videos on websites, and organize and curate their content into collections and themes. These features proved extremely valuable to influencers and brands who were looking to leverage their live video content by distributing them across multiple channels and reconnecting with their audience. Users could search archived videos and automatically collect videos into collections using a hashtag. This enabled non-broadcasters to be curators of post-live video.

I helped cultivate our loyal fanbase of users by listening and talking to our community and helping our product and tech team translate feature requests into product releases. Users loved our mascot, Klyde. 
Notable users of our app included The Monterey Aquarium, Mercedes Benz, Science Fridays, George Clinton, Yvette Nicole Brown, and One Republic. Katch served decades of video to 1.3 millions users a month and posted 20% month-over-month growth before shutting down on May 2016. 
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